8. Omission of tag or element

8.1. 'omit-tag' attribute

To omit both start-tag and end-tag, use omit-tag attribute with “true” value like this.

<span var:omit-tag="true">Tag will be omitted!</span>

the output will be:

Tag will be omitted!

Off cause, You can use this attribute with other attribute in ZOGAN name space.

8.2. 'omit' attribute

To omit whole element, use omit attribute with “true” value. e.g.

<p var:omit="true">This text will be omitted</p>

No output will be given.

To omit whole element when first time in iteration, use omit attribute with “first” value.

<span var:cont="{list1}">
  <span var:omit="first"> | </span>
  <span var:cont="{item}"></span>