What is PHPOOT project?

PHPOOT project is for the development of a template engine with PHP. Template engines are used to make the development of an application easier by separating the presentation parts from the programming code of a application.

You can find two engines in this project. PHPOOT is the original template engine, which is for html. But this is old version. ZOGAN has been forked from PHPOOT, which is for general XML (such as XHTML). This is the current development version.

Features of ZOGAN template engine

So, the sources are expected to be written using normal XML or XHTML editor, which enables any graphic designer work easier.

Model data to display with the templates is a nested "hash", or associative array. ZOGAN uses tag attributes with particular namespace ("v" and "a" as default) to specify instructions for the template engine like that which data should be embeded there.

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the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 , or any later version.


PHPOOT project has sourceforge.jp project page. Download the latest from there.





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